We Are Humans Made in God’s Image

My response to Humble Wife’s post;  http://doublenickelfarm.blogspot.com/2012/03/if-i-had-son.html


Issues are co-opted at every opportunity like the Florida tragedy into diabolical reasons to divide by race and class.

That is the most frustrating and horrifying aspect of the media and politicians using these sure to occur violences to pit people against one another as pawns in a greater power game.

Watch for more troubles to break out in pockets as the price of gasoline rises past $4. as Bernake has told us it surely will continue to rise through July (since he has said it, just see how high it does go)!

I’m not blaming poverty for violence, far from it. I’m praying that we still have enough thinking caring people to inform themselves about these things that are being manipulated for distractions and divisions.

“Sound bite” education won’t cut it.

We need a clarion call in our beloved country.

Can we still reach those who are hooked into sports, electronic games, and TV in the middle class, and or those in the governmentally dependent class, the ones stuck in the big population centers?

Lord Jesus, I pray help them, for they are in the crossfire of this anti-humanitarian disregard for life.

It has always has been mysterious to me how folks give a care about difference in skin or any other physical characteristics! People are wonderful. Made in God’s image.

Maafia 21 Documentary, and the sites you linked tell the real story about eugenics against American blacks. Any time government gives with one hand they take away with the other more than they gave in the first place. The price being asked of poor people of all races is their heritage through abortion and sterilization.

But Jesus said we’ll always have the poor with us. I don’t understand it all, only surely one reason is to give whomsoever a heart who will care for them and to give us humility and gratefulness for what we have.

But when a great many people say the earth is more important than babies they can justify ANYTHING!

It is Heavenly Chaos for the insane who KNOW the destructive ends of these life deniers.

Education is being used against our youth to hate traditional family ties and to be self centered and irresponsible. We homeschool to love our children and give them a chance to love their neighbor as theirselves.

And now the political system of old right and the old left are being annihilated too, and what is desired now is evolution into the “new left” of solitary people who depend on impersonal official authority instead of family and friends, that is being taught in such a way as to give a false sense of entitlement and pride and stiffneckedness towards anyone who would give advice or correction in a famial nature. That isolates people from loving relationships and fosters envy, jealousy, and hate.

But there is this promise from Jesus;

Matthew 18: 10 Take heed that you despise not one of these little ones; for I say unto you, That in heaven their angels do always behold the face of my Father who is in heaven.

11 For the Son of man is come to save that which was lost.


Saturday Morning Quiet

"Spring Trees"


I’m the only one here looking up into the freshly leaved Black Gum and Water Oak trees backed by cotton on blue.


It’s just nippy enough for my red sweater.


"And the common people heard him gladly."


Mark Chapters 12 and 13


Warning, I am going to be very common here and write from my heart in what I wish could be poetical prosaic or lyrical instead of my common overblown phrases attempting to describe the joy of this particular blessed morning.


I am glad to be able to hear Jesus through the same KJV Bible  that my husband and I bought together with our married names  inscribed upon in gold letters three months before we married, some  forty-one years ago.


My grandmother and aunt were  scandalized that we presumed the future that way, “What if something happens and you don’t get married?”


Thank the merciful Father, He let us get married and made the engraving true.


What were we thinking?


We were as green as those trees!


We’re not green anymore, but every season is beautiful through all the thick and thin.


Now we know the seasons fleet past,


circling surely


despite their wobbly variations


sometimes surprising with overlapping dips


back into the preceding ones


or rambunctiously cutting across into the next,


but always reining into the pattern set in motion


unvarying continuation of life returning to the Creator who spoke it into existence.


"Beagle Following His Nose"


"After circling down the drive Beagle is joined by Jack Russel Terrier" The Beagle showed up and took the Terrier for a bosom buddy, they are heard most mornings on the chase after something(s) we think could be the deer whose tracks have been missing from the garden.


"Flash Reflection"

Oops! Change the camera setting!

"B&W Wasn't My Idea Either!"

This happens when you share a camera and don’t check  the settings.

"OK, just for fun, enjoy the B&W"

"I Could Get Into This B&W Picture Taking"

The rambling of my quiet Saturday morning………………………………












Zone 8b Late Winter

Mild winter comes to an end. Pear tree blossoms first of all fruit trees.

It looks chilly, doesn’t it?


The toes of the Appalachians can be 0 degrees, even as low as -10 degrees in some rare instances, but the 2012 season was very mild only dipping down a couple of times into the low teens. There were very few days that didn’t exceed freezing.

One of many types of spring bulbs

The pear tree has blossomed and daffodils and buttercups have been sprinkling their cheer in a slow procession since the last of January.

The garden has produced plenty of greens for the table all winter long we’ve had an abundance of mustard greens, turnip greens, collard greens, endive, and chives.

These collards in the corner of the garden where the tractor could not plow have persisted since the fall of 2010 planting. I'm just fascinated by their continuing to provide their ever growing goodness to my greens loving family. They still taste wonderful, though they last spring bolted, they continued in their little tucked away corner and survived the 100 degree heat of summer on into fall and winter. Now I'll let them continue just to see what they'll do as long as they like.

The Elephant Garlic, California Early and Late Garlic, and the Red French Scallions that my son and I planted the last days of December have absolutely loved their semi-raised bed.



Zone 8b is a wonderfully mild temperate zone that encompasses with amazing equality all the four seasons. Nothing lasts too long, neither the sultry summer that can bound into a month of 100+ degrees nor the above mentioned really cold winter we get every so often.


After having lived in South Florida for twenty-five years with only subtle changes in seasons and now having been back for the past 4 year in the Deep South I have  developed a love for grays in balance.  I see now that they are the gentle modifiers of all the bright moments that enable the full range of life.  I will always love Southwest Florida, where I basically grew up with my husband and learned so much about beauty and life. I will always have it in my heart influencing me in so many ways. I now add my moderate mild gentle home in it’s quiet steady beauty to my love for gardening and life in general, I guess I had to slow down to see its range. After all growing these tasty bulbs is dreams of many savory meals. 😀

Elephant Garlic, How Simple is That? Just Put it in the Ground in Winter!

Red French Scallions, Elephant Garlic, California Early and Late Garlic covered with leaves and blocker row cover

Red Becoming a Greenhome

"First Tomato Plants"

"They Live!"


It never fails to strike awe into my modernized grocery-store-is-where-you-get-your-meals-mind to see that seeds ACTUALLY do germinate into plants.


And to think, I like to tell people I grew up on a farm……….but however, knowing the facts doesn’t change my joy to see it happen every time.


"Tiniest Tomato Plants Sprout in Red Grid Home"

HOW does a tiny seed do that?


LIFE  is marvelous and it never gets stale! 😀

What’s This Red? Answered

"Red Grids"

"Seeds of Hope, Red, Yellow, Orange, Pink, and Purple to Plant in Red Grids"

"That's a big red ambitious tomato!"

The where did the idea come from? Well, I tend to find ways to explore that probably don’t need anything new, but can’t seem to help myself! I saw in a gardening catalog a roll of red row covering that was recommended for tomatoes. Then while pondering exactly how to plant this year’s tomato seeds in the greenhouse I remembered that last year I just planted them directly into the greenhouse floor with only a mixing of humus into the ground.

Then I extrapolated that maybe I could just plant on top of that loosened greenhouse soil and add humus/garden soil on to of that.

The red grids came up from the “red” theory of tomatoes liking the reflected red light from the row cover.

I wanted to have somewhat separation of plants with a porous divider so went to the store and came home with red poster board! Hence the red-put-together grids.

Pretty silly how my artistic builder side wants to interfere with my gardening, I know, sheesh! Totally not needed, but it kept me busy and happy. lol.

Now I just hope the seeds germinate and I actually get some Red (and other colored tomatoes too, as that art side of me wants a crayon box rainbow in everything I do).

I had to water them and leave to go to my #2 daughter’s wedding for 4 days, so I hope they didn’t dry out and die!!!!!!

OH! I do have a great respect for anything that comes from such tiny bundles of potential life as tomato seeds. I really don’t know what I’m doing, if any of them actually live to be tomato plants with tomatoes it will be as my grandmother Azie used to say, “a clear lot miracle,” 😀