Spring Garden in Business

IMG_0550-copyThese varieties of tomatoes are in their seedbeds in the greenhouse. I attached bamboo skewers (not shown here) to the old CD’s that I am using for plant markers. Several of the seeds have sprouted! More to come……….

2 thoughts on “Spring Garden in Business

  1. Good luck to you also, my webby friend! My efforts are mixed, so far I have some plants germinated and sprung to first leaf stage. But we have been subjected here in zone 8b to much colder March than the last several years.

    Some of my first tomatoes haven’t fared too well, but luckily I had enough seeds left over to replant. Now it will be a race to see if they are big enough for garden transplanting before our extreme heat arrives. 8b zone is usually balanced into 4 distinct seasons, but every few years we have the odd extended and or overlapping ones like this one. 🙂

    Every year it is a great challenge, but so rewarding in any series of events!

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