Saturday Morning Quiet

"Spring Trees"


I’m the only one here looking up into the freshly leaved Black Gum and Water Oak trees backed by cotton on blue.


It’s just nippy enough for my red sweater.


"And the common people heard him gladly."


Mark Chapters 12 and 13


Warning, I am going to be very common here and write from my heart in what I wish could be poetical prosaic or lyrical instead of my common overblown phrases attempting to describe the joy of this particular blessed morning.


I am glad to be able to hear Jesus through the same KJV Bible  that my husband and I bought together with our married names  inscribed upon in gold letters three months before we married, some  forty-one years ago.


My grandmother and aunt were  scandalized that we presumed the future that way, “What if something happens and you don’t get married?”


Thank the merciful Father, He let us get married and made the engraving true.


What were we thinking?


We were as green as those trees!


We’re not green anymore, but every season is beautiful through all the thick and thin.


Now we know the seasons fleet past,


circling surely


despite their wobbly variations


sometimes surprising with overlapping dips


back into the preceding ones


or rambunctiously cutting across into the next,


but always reining into the pattern set in motion


unvarying continuation of life returning to the Creator who spoke it into existence.


"Beagle Following His Nose"


"After circling down the drive Beagle is joined by Jack Russel Terrier" The Beagle showed up and took the Terrier for a bosom buddy, they are heard most mornings on the chase after something(s) we think could be the deer whose tracks have been missing from the garden.


"Flash Reflection"

Oops! Change the camera setting!

"B&W Wasn't My Idea Either!"

This happens when you share a camera and don’t check  the settings.

"OK, just for fun, enjoy the B&W"

"I Could Get Into This B&W Picture Taking"

The rambling of my quiet Saturday morning………………………………













10 thoughts on “Saturday Morning Quiet

  1. Love the pictures, the dog pictures are nice, the B&W pics just look so peaceful and almost dreamlike. I’ve always loved b&w photography 🙂

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