Ghee Making & Cod Liver Oil for Health & Healing Cavities

I’m preparing for the health of my family for the autumn and winter seasons. These look easy to add to our regime, so I wanted to share them. There is nothing like the cooler then cold weather activities if we can stay healthy! I know we all need a healthy immune system so we are going to get a few illnesses especially when we’re children, but chronic sickness isn’t normal………We do what we can do.:)

The video of above link is good.
Below is another slightly different method of making Ghee otherwise known as Butter Oil.

Now just take your cod liver oil and ghee and enjoy the cold weather seasons!:)


Primative Camping on the River

This is what $10. will get you if you’re willing to forgo the electricity and water.

We had THE best views, and the bathhouse all to ourselves because there were only 2 other tents among the campers, everyone else had their RV facilities to use so everything was very clean and only across the road from us in a diagonal bee-line.
We had a butane stove for cooking and firepit to warm by in the evenings and mornings. The moon reflected, fish jumped, and a great blue heron glided back and forth across the river. A party boat paddled past with Happy Birthday floating on their wake.
The weather system blew in a small front from the east that brought winds fit for a pair of bald eagles who soared in circles above our heads tracing the riverbank toward the west an hour before sunset.
Their attenuated calls were gently audible as they slid past. 
The last morning at 5 am we woke to the tinniest patter of drizzle on the tent, it lulled us back to sleep then we woke to damp, not soaked campsite and packed up the auto and went to Hardees’  for steak & egg biscuits.
That’s my idea of roughing it. 

Atlas Shrugged at Barnes & Noble

My favorite public place to go for pondering over coffee and magazines and watching beautiful people of all ages. It is wonderful to see all of these in the comforting enviornment of my local Barnes & Nobel. Funny it’s a formula that works in whichever state I’m visiting. Those social engineers who planned that bookstore know how to create atmosphere, I truly hope that B & N stays in business and isn’t driven out of the economy like Books a Million and Borders were.:(

The most interesting folks frequent this establishment! People of all ages look great in it, I guess it has to do with

Wide Windows

Curving Architectural Details

Books and Bookcases that are just tall enough to give the library effect

Magazine racks with every subject to interest from high finance to the literary and visual arts, gardening and decorating to body building and sports

Argyle Tile Floor of the Cafe

The Dark Woods in the Modern/Craftsman Style

A link to: article in the Christian Research Journal titled, “Who Are the Sons of God in Genesis 6?”

Thomas A. Howe, Ph.D.
Professor of Bible and Biblical Languages
Southern Evangelical Seminary

Article’s Conclusion
There are serious problems with Chuck Missler’s handling of Genesis 6 and the question of
the identify of the sons of God. He repeatedly misrepresents the text and the facts, and he often reads
into the text meanings that cannot be sustained by the context or by the Hebrew language itself.
Additionally, the Angels View has problems from which it cannot recover. The failure of the Angels
View is evidenced by the rising popularity of what has come to be known as the Tyrants view. More
and more contemporary commentators are abandoning the Angels view in favor of the Tyrants view,
primarily because they have come to realize that the Angels view cannot be sustained against close
examination. There is no questioning Missler’s sincerity and dedication, but on this subject, he has
missed the mark.