What’s This Red? Answered

"Red Grids"

"Seeds of Hope, Red, Yellow, Orange, Pink, and Purple to Plant in Red Grids"

"That's a big red ambitious tomato!"

The where did the idea come from? Well, I tend to find ways to explore that probably don’t need anything new, but can’t seem to help myself! I saw in a gardening catalog a roll of red row covering that was recommended for tomatoes. Then while pondering exactly how to plant this year’s tomato seeds in the greenhouse I remembered that last year I just planted them directly into the greenhouse floor with only a mixing of humus into the ground.

Then I extrapolated that maybe I could just plant on top of that loosened greenhouse soil and add humus/garden soil on to of that.

The red grids came up from the “red” theory of tomatoes liking the reflected red light from the row cover.

I wanted to have somewhat separation of plants with a porous divider so went to the store and came home with red poster board! Hence the red-put-together grids.

Pretty silly how my artistic builder side wants to interfere with my gardening, I know, sheesh! Totally not needed, but it kept me busy and happy. lol.

Now I just hope the seeds germinate and I actually get some Red (and other colored tomatoes too, as that art side of me wants a crayon box rainbow in everything I do).

I had to water them and leave to go to my #2 daughter’s wedding for 4 days, so I hope they didn’t dry out and die!!!!!!

OH! I do have a great respect for anything that comes from such tiny bundles of potential life as tomato seeds. I really don’t know what I’m doing, if any of them actually live to be tomato plants with tomatoes it will be as my grandmother Azie used to say, “a clear lot miracle,” 😀


12 thoughts on “What’s This Red? Answered

  1. Oh wow. This is simply amazing! I’d love to grow my food someday. This is so inspiring! When you have the time, do drop by my space. I recently made some savoury mousse and would love to know what you think.

  2. I took a quick look at your blog and found it wonderfully appetizing! I’ll be following your creative cooking lead, thanks for the invite and comment.:)

  3. Wow, nice Muse! I had tried planting a garden when I had a little trailer home in California, well, I didn’t start out with seeds, had tried THAT and got nowhere, 😦 but with small plants from a nursery, and that did a little better…I guess if I had more time, and patience, I could have gotten better at it. My mom had a green thumb, always had a lovely garden…but me? not just a brown thumb, I think mine is completely black and dead 😦 but I admire other people’s talents with gardening 😀

  4. Thanks Sassy, “quite the idea”, I can’t help myself! LOL!

    Some have sprung up already, yeah! will post pics soon.

    I hope you’re doing better on your bp and vertigo!

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