Zone 8b Late Winter

Mild winter comes to an end. Pear tree blossoms first of all fruit trees.

It looks chilly, doesn’t it?


The toes of the Appalachians can be 0 degrees, even as low as -10 degrees in some rare instances, but the 2012 season was very mild only dipping down a couple of times into the low teens. There were very few days that didn’t exceed freezing.

One of many types of spring bulbs

The pear tree has blossomed and daffodils and buttercups have been sprinkling their cheer in a slow procession since the last of January.

The garden has produced plenty of greens for the table all winter long we’ve had an abundance of mustard greens, turnip greens, collard greens, endive, and chives.

These collards in the corner of the garden where the tractor could not plow have persisted since the fall of 2010 planting. I'm just fascinated by their continuing to provide their ever growing goodness to my greens loving family. They still taste wonderful, though they last spring bolted, they continued in their little tucked away corner and survived the 100 degree heat of summer on into fall and winter. Now I'll let them continue just to see what they'll do as long as they like.

The Elephant Garlic, California Early and Late Garlic, and the Red French Scallions that my son and I planted the last days of December have absolutely loved their semi-raised bed.



Zone 8b is a wonderfully mild temperate zone that encompasses with amazing equality all the four seasons. Nothing lasts too long, neither the sultry summer that can bound into a month of 100+ degrees nor the above mentioned really cold winter we get every so often.


After having lived in South Florida for twenty-five years with only subtle changes in seasons and now having been back for the past 4 year in the Deep South I have  developed a love for grays in balance.  I see now that they are the gentle modifiers of all the bright moments that enable the full range of life.  I will always love Southwest Florida, where I basically grew up with my husband and learned so much about beauty and life. I will always have it in my heart influencing me in so many ways. I now add my moderate mild gentle home in it’s quiet steady beauty to my love for gardening and life in general, I guess I had to slow down to see its range. After all growing these tasty bulbs is dreams of many savory meals. 😀

Elephant Garlic, How Simple is That? Just Put it in the Ground in Winter!

Red French Scallions, Elephant Garlic, California Early and Late Garlic covered with leaves and blocker row cover


8 thoughts on “Zone 8b Late Winter

  1. Ma says:

    We’ve had a really mild winter here, too. Nothing like your zone though.

    What a nice start to your garden.

  2. Love! the pictures!! 🙂 I could just sit there and dream all day! LoL….gotta go, lots to do!

    and don’t forget to set the time ahead tonight (I keep telling everyone, and maybe I’ll remember too, lol)

  3. Susan, thanks for the remind, I only noticed a day before that “It’s time to spring forward again!” What a discombobulating pain, I still suspect the unanimous agreement of all officials to go along with DST as being some whacked way to jerk us around for fun. 😦 Leave it to me to make an inside story out of that lol!

    I’m trying to observe the beauty of God’s creation and I do enjoy the seasons. 😀

  4. Hi Wendy! Glad you stopped by.

    It’s the El Nino effect Fascinating to behold. I’ve planted beans and corn already, hoping we won’t have another frost. 😀

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