How About Those Tomatoes?

They’re in the jars and the freezer boxes too! Despite not quite enough rain and the early summer heat in the 100’s in June and  July I was blessed with plenty to store for later. I really like the different colored tomatoes, each has it’s own wonderful flavour characteristics.

Color, color. Colour, colour!

Sampling of a day’s pickings including the Pink Brandywines which it turns out really are as big as the package picture! Quite the handful were these.

Yellow Brandywines along with these red beauties.

I kept some separate by color, but also mixed several jars with all the different colors just because………

It was a good tomato year! It made me tired and very happy many summer days to put them away for the many uses we find in our always cooking kitchen.

Happy gardener in straw hat, glad to be all done with this year’s tomato crop, don’t you just love it when you take a fuzzy glary picture like this that reminds you of how young you are inside?

But still there are plenty late tomatoes for everyday fresh eating!


How Does My Garden Grow Month After Hailstorm

I am relieved to show one month after the hailstorm that my garden grows. Always amazes me to witness life bursting from the earth!


Tomato Plants Recover from Hailstorm, Daylilies and Glads Bloom

Just a quick update on the garden after the hailstorm the tomato plants mostly survived and recovered, we’ve been busy as bees, so no time for more.

Daylilies, I Think These Qualify as ‘Eye Candy’, I’m Borrowing My Sister’s Canon Rebel to Photograph Today (a step above my usual)

Covering for No-till Box Tomatoes, Will Cover with Leaves Next

Tomato Replants Looking Good

Tomato Blooms on Pink Brandywine Plant that Had Been Hailed Upon

Gladiolus Returned and Multiplied into Two and a Half as Many as Last Year!

You can see I’ve got lots of weeding to do around the edges despite the no-till tomatoes in the boxes. My dear husband helps with his trusty old bulky tiller between the peas, corn, and bean rows (don’t know how he thinks that jarring machine is fun to run, LOL!) I leave you with the pretty glads and wish you happy gardening and garden dreaming too. 😀

P.S. One more update on the hail pelted cornrow.

Italian Flint Corn Earring After the Hailstorm, Amazingly the Stalks All Stood Up and Began Forming Them Immediately After the Storm



Tomatoes and Corn Survive Spring Hailstorm

Pictures tell the story of how our garden survived a forty minute hailstorm with ‘only’ one inch stones and four inches of pelting rain. I woke at dawn to see what the after sunset storm had wrought. Thank God, it is manageable but, we had to replace some tomato plants and even planted a few more rows of butter beans and a few watermelon hills. It took a lot of shoveling and grading the driveway too.  Now I know why I needed all the ‘extra’ tomato plants.


Driveway Shows Fury of Storm

Brandywine Tomato Plants Pelted, Pruned, and Put Low, but Most Still Live

Luckily, Cornstalks Still Stand, Though Leaves Are Quite Shredded

Looks Like Four Inches of Precipitation to Me

Thank God, the Leaf Pasted Roof is Fine

Italian Flint Corn Askew, and Purple Hull Pea Row Pounded, while Two New Rows of the Peas with the Seed Peas Still on the Baby Pea Plants Took the Beating in Stride

French Red Scallions and Garlics Witness Deluge

Tomato Plant Bruised, Bent, and Branch Broken

Muddy Prints, Some Deep Soaking but Garden Drained Well and Didn’t Have Much Standing Water

Garden a Bit Disoriented but Still Green

Gloves at the Ready, These Were Muddy Soon

Greenhouse Holds Hope

Tomato Reinforcements

Tomato Plants, I Need You!

Tomato Plants Left Out For Planting In Pretty Good Shape Despite Being Caught Hail (They Were Kind of Protected by Corn Row)

Back to the drawing board, as they say………..