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Healthy Things Good Things from Gardening

Good Thing, Painted Rusty Rooster, Now He’s a Happy Zinnia Basket with a Red Comb & Wattle with Green Tail Feathers,and I Could Not Resist Making His Feet Orange

Good things  from Gardening. Gardening this year has been such a good thing full of healthy things like garlic, onions, scallions, sugar snap peas, broccoli, collards, mustard greens, and many varieties of tomatoes. Fresh air, sunshine, and moving the body about in bending, pulling, tugging, pushing, and leveraging and digging with hand tools into the soil have been healthy things and surely the whole process of gardening has been a good thing. It has also been a good thing for my mind, heart, soul, and faith in God to see things spring from tiny seeds, bulbs, and to sprout from the dirt full of healthy things to nourish and strengthen in all ways. I highly recommend growing these good things for all their benefits of being grounded, pun intended, to the creation given to us by our benevolent Provider, not mother earth, but Father God, Jesus Christ who was there “In the beginning”, who spoke the world into being,  and who Is the Word.

It Is a Good Thing to Use These Helps for the Ole Body in Gardening

Big Red Tomato Plants and Their Box are Good Things, Rather!

Broccoli Leaves are Closely Related to Collards, Can Be Eaten the Same Way

Red French Scallions Added to Broccoli Leaves Turned Out to Be a Good Thing


No, you don’t have to be a Christian to be a gardener, but it surely illustrates to this Christian the wonder and hope of life and that is a good thing and a healthy thing.



Red Becoming a Greenhome

"First Tomato Plants"

"They Live!"


It never fails to strike awe into my modernized grocery-store-is-where-you-get-your-meals-mind to see that seeds ACTUALLY do germinate into plants.


And to think, I like to tell people I grew up on a farm……….but however, knowing the facts doesn’t change my joy to see it happen every time.


"Tiniest Tomato Plants Sprout in Red Grid Home"

HOW does a tiny seed do that?


LIFE  is marvelous and it never gets stale! 😀

Ghee Making & Cod Liver Oil for Health & Healing Cavities

I’m preparing for the health of my family for the autumn and winter seasons. These look easy to add to our regime, so I wanted to share them. There is nothing like the cooler then cold weather activities if we can stay healthy! I know we all need a healthy immune system so we are going to get a few illnesses especially when we’re children, but chronic sickness isn’t normal………We do what we can do.:)

The video of above link is good.
Below is another slightly different method of making Ghee otherwise known as Butter Oil.

Now just take your cod liver oil and ghee and enjoy the cold weather seasons!:)