Primative Camping on the River

This is what $10. will get you if you’re willing to forgo the electricity and water.

We had THE best views, and the bathhouse all to ourselves because there were only 2 other tents among the campers, everyone else had their RV facilities to use so everything was very clean and only across the road from us in a diagonal bee-line.
We had a butane stove for cooking and firepit to warm by in the evenings and mornings. The moon reflected, fish jumped, and a great blue heron glided back and forth across the river. A party boat paddled past with Happy Birthday floating on their wake.
The weather system blew in a small front from the east that brought winds fit for a pair of bald eagles who soared in circles above our heads tracing the riverbank toward the west an hour before sunset.
Their attenuated calls were gently audible as they slid past. 
The last morning at 5 am we woke to the tinniest patter of drizzle on the tent, it lulled us back to sleep then we woke to damp, not soaked campsite and packed up the auto and went to Hardees’  for steak & egg biscuits.
That’s my idea of roughing it. 

2 thoughts on “Primative Camping on the River

  1. Ma says:

    That looks just wonderful…and the Hardees' biscuits do too:)I'm not sure why, but the comment link is not there on your last 4 posts or so. It's working here, yay!I wondered what you are doing with all those green tomaters?

  2. Hi Ma, My green tomaters are awaiting me too! I've used a few that turned color in a sausage enchilada dish, but the bulk of them are looking at me with the same accusing look that yours gave you! lol! I have one more batch to gather from the garden too!!! I don't know??? Maybe tomato pickles? Some fried? Have to get busy with them, let you know when I decide, they keep saying, "Do you think we're gonna just keep sitting on the counter looking sweet?"

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