Ghee Making & Cod Liver Oil for Health & Healing Cavities

I’m preparing for the health of my family for the autumn and winter seasons. These look easy to add to our regime, so I wanted to share them. There is nothing like the cooler then cold weather activities if we can stay healthy! I know we all need a healthy immune system so we are going to get a few illnesses especially when we’re children, but chronic sickness isn’t normal………We do what we can do.:)

The video of above link is good.
Below is another slightly different method of making Ghee otherwise known as Butter Oil.

Now just take your cod liver oil and ghee and enjoy the cold weather seasons!:)


2 thoughts on “Ghee Making & Cod Liver Oil for Health & Healing Cavities

  1. Ma says:

    That's a great blog. I heard the tooth guy on the Truther Girls recently and he was talking about the Weston Price thing. CoolWhat's the benefit of ghee instead of using the whole butter. Is it shelf life or a higher smoking point?

  2. I'm definitely going to try this especially for the dental healing as well as general health.I could only speculate that benefit of ghee is freeing the butter of its protein content that could interfere in the absorption or binding enzymes or hormones? That also extends shelf life & smoking point.

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