Atlas Shrugged at Barnes & Noble

My favorite public place to go for pondering over coffee and magazines and watching beautiful people of all ages. It is wonderful to see all of these in the comforting enviornment of my local Barnes & Nobel. Funny it’s a formula that works in whichever state I’m visiting. Those social engineers who planned that bookstore know how to create atmosphere, I truly hope that B & N stays in business and isn’t driven out of the economy like Books a Million and Borders were.:(

The most interesting folks frequent this establishment! People of all ages look great in it, I guess it has to do with

Wide Windows

Curving Architectural Details

Books and Bookcases that are just tall enough to give the library effect

Magazine racks with every subject to interest from high finance to the literary and visual arts, gardening and decorating to body building and sports

Argyle Tile Floor of the Cafe

The Dark Woods in the Modern/Craftsman Style


Lights to Musings

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