Healthy Things Good Things from Gardening

Good Thing, Painted Rusty Rooster, Now He’s a Happy Zinnia Basket with a Red Comb & Wattle with Green Tail Feathers,and I Could Not Resist Making His Feet Orange

Good things  from Gardening. Gardening this year has been such a good thing full of healthy things like garlic, onions, scallions, sugar snap peas, broccoli, collards, mustard greens, and many varieties of tomatoes. Fresh air, sunshine, and moving the body about in bending, pulling, tugging, pushing, and leveraging and digging with hand tools into the soil have been healthy things and surely the whole process of gardening has been a good thing. It has also been a good thing for my mind, heart, soul, and faith in God to see things spring from tiny seeds, bulbs, and to sprout from the dirt full of healthy things to nourish and strengthen in all ways. I highly recommend growing these good things for all their benefits of being grounded, pun intended, to the creation given to us by our benevolent Provider, not mother earth, but Father God, Jesus Christ who was there “In the beginning”, who spoke the world into being,  and who Is the Word.

It Is a Good Thing to Use These Helps for the Ole Body in Gardening

Big Red Tomato Plants and Their Box are Good Things, Rather!

Broccoli Leaves are Closely Related to Collards, Can Be Eaten the Same Way

Red French Scallions Added to Broccoli Leaves Turned Out to Be a Good Thing


No, you don’t have to be a Christian to be a gardener, but it surely illustrates to this Christian the wonder and hope of life and that is a good thing and a healthy thing.




11 thoughts on “Healthy Things Good Things from Gardening

  1. carol says:

    I really need to get my garden planted this year. And thanks for the tip about broccoli leaves.

  2. Haven’t planted our seeds yet, but soon. It is great to be reminded of God’s good graces, gardening IS a Good & Healthy thing in sooooo many ways as you mentioned. Lovely pics too Ma.

  3. OH WAIT! I forgot to mention, “the Chicken” I LOVE IT. It sounds like you painted it yourself? That is an awesome chicken planter 🙂

  4. Ma says:

    Love the orange feet, and I didn’t know that about brocolli greens. We’re just getting started up here.

  5. I want to put some jewels for eyes for Mr. Rooster too. 😀 Hope your gardening is great this season, I’m having a good start thank the Lord, and those broccoli greens are well liked by my teens too. 🙂

  6. Thanks Sassy, Praise the Lord for sharing the seeds and gardening with us his clay creations.Sometimes I have trouble with handling my Ohoe and my camera at the same time. LOL 😀

  7. Glad to know you visited, Carol, good luck on your garden this year too. 🙂 My broccoli hasn’t made big heads as it’s from the fall planting, but the leaves are great. :)I’ll visit your blog when I get back to computer.

  8. Hi Muse,

    These pictures of your gardening talents are very inspiring…because sometimes when I look at magazines with all the fancy stuff, it is a bit overwhelming with the thought “where would I even start???!!!?” but your humble posts and pictures are so simple yet elegant, and make it easy for me to imagine doing it myself one day (when I live in a house with a yard, lol, I’m working on getting there, really I am!)

    Your thoughts about gardening bringing you closer to creation and Creator is so true. When I lived in a mobile home with a tiny yard (in the Mojave Desert, imagine trying to grow anything beside weeds and cacti there!) the ground was like concrete (full of clay). I would soak the ground for hours and days and still could only scratch away an inch of “soil” at a time with great difficulty! When tending my garden (which did poorly, except for the roses, which bloomed gloriously) I would think about how backwards this world is. Why is it, for example, that the good plants have such a difficult time, and weeds grow like, well, WEEDS, and are next to impossible to get rid of??? Shouldn’t it be the opposite way around? I mean in a “perfect world” that is?

    Anyway, love you, and love your beautiful and simple grace and style. 🙂

  9. Aw Susan, you’re so kind as always.) One thing I know for sure about you, dear friend is you are kinder than I and more patient too. 🙂 Thanks for being my friend.

    Gardening is so variable and so different every time you plant, you never know whether it’ll be good weather or flood or drought. So my theory is plant a lot of seeds and strew them in lots of corners and try to keep out of the weeds and the weeds out of them. Try to avoid the wash away places in case you get a down pouring deluge, and get a long, long water hose and a couple of rainbarrels (I use big ole trash cans at the corners of the house) too in case you don’t get enough rain.

    One thing encouraging that I’ve found is that plants are very forgiving and can take a lot of various handling, there’s no one way at all. 🙂

    But most important I sow those seeds and just thank God He’s letting me dig in and smell the dirt not knowing what the harvest. Any edible at all is a “clear-lot miracle” as my grandma Azie used to say. 😀

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