How About Those Tomatoes?

They’re in the jars and the freezer boxes too! Despite not quite enough rain and the early summer heat in the 100’s in June and  July I was blessed with plenty to store for later. I really like the different colored tomatoes, each has it’s own wonderful flavour characteristics.

Color, color. Colour, colour!

Sampling of a day’s pickings including the Pink Brandywines which it turns out really are as big as the package picture! Quite the handful were these.

Yellow Brandywines along with these red beauties.

I kept some separate by color, but also mixed several jars with all the different colors just because………

It was a good tomato year! It made me tired and very happy many summer days to put them away for the many uses we find in our always cooking kitchen.

Happy gardener in straw hat, glad to be all done with this year’s tomato crop, don’t you just love it when you take a fuzzy glary picture like this that reminds you of how young you are inside?

But still there are plenty late tomatoes for everyday fresh eating!

3 thoughts on “How About Those Tomatoes?

  1. Hi MaterMuse 🙂 (or MuseMater, I always forget which, lol) Love the picture of you in a hat!!! and love the lovely tomato pics as well. I recently got married, and am working on getting everything ready to submit for an application to move to Canada. YaY! Maybe some day I will also have a home with a lovely garden!

  2. So nice to hear from you, New Mrs., congratulations!
    I breezed by your blog one day this week too quick to comment, but it made me smile to see your new photo. 🙂

    Wonderful news, hope all goes smoothly with Canada and hope you are both very, very happy. I wish you a lovely garden too. 😀

  3. Ma says:

    This post just popped up in my reader. It’s a month old?

    Anyway, lovely pics of the tomatoes and you:) We kind of abandoned our garden this year with the drought, but we do have some trickling in.

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