Merry Christmas 2013 Happy New Year!


What a Year! Prayers and Wishes for 2014 to bring many blessings and rays of Light and Joy and Love


Spring Garden Springs

Early Spring Green


Redbuds and Crabapple

Tomato, Pepper, and Sweet Potato Plants

Greenhouse Plants

Black Giant and Pink Tlacolula Tomato Plants

Costoluto and others Tomato Plants

Purple Calabash and Yellow Brandywine Tomato Plants

Pink Brandywine Tomato Plants

Sunflower Plants

Pepper and Tomato Plants

Mamantis Clouds Before Hail Storm (no damage here)

Transplanted Crepe Myrtle (from friend)

Old Apple Tree That Will Not Die

Old Apple Tree Limb Profuse with New Growth

Old Apple Tree Blossoms

Italian Flint Corn

Rattlesnake Pole Beans and Royal Blue Bush Beans

Sugar Ann Peas (eat 'em raw!)

Sugar Ann Peas (eat 'em raw, Yummmm!)

Strawberry First Fruits

Sweet Onions Need Weeding

Look At Those Elephant Garlic Plants and Scallions!