Gray Story



Found this from searching the term, “gray hair is beautiful”

going gray blog: celebrating the right to choose

Titles of articles on that site;

The Eyes Have It: Eye Makeup to Match Gray Hair

Feeding Your Gray Hair

Gray Hairstyles for Different Face Shapes

yahoo search for images with “gray hair is beautiful”

Here’s good advice on gray

(…)Some people say you should change your hairstyle when it goes gray. I’ve even seen it suggested that you not let it grow past your chin. Horsehockey! Just because your hair’s turning color doesn’t mean you suddenly have to look like your grandmother. If it looks good on you with full color, it can look good without. So come on, ladies. Embrace the silver. (…)

San Francisco Anchor Reports on Going Gray

and Ditches the Dye Herself,

Dana King, emmy award-winning broadcast journalist and current anchor of CBS affiliate KPIX

Now this is REAL, this is POSITIVE, this is LIFE, this is PERMISSION to BREATHE!



2 thoughts on “Gray Story

  1. Ma says:

    I love this. I’m not going gray, yet, but figure I will. I’ll be the big 4-0 in a couple of months:)

    I don’t plan to cover mine either!

    I did watch the news story about the anchor going gray. My step dad covered his gray when looking for a job a few years ago. I guess it’s a thing.

  2. Hi Ma, I hope you have a happy big 4-0! You have a great future ahead in the ‘sweet spot’ of age, not too young anymore and not too old:) I can testify that the space from 40 to 60, aka the age of full grown youth, is pretty uneventful and the roadway is pretty smooth health wise too. So stay the course and enjoy every day, week, month, year, and decade of it!

    I will enter the next phase a year from now, and I’m wondering how to remain healthy and strong in body and mind as well as spirit. Ah, well, I am content now and hope to stay the course too, with God’s grace, I haven’t met an age I don’t like yet, life is a GIFT! 😀

    I think that letting ourselves age one day at a time is A-OK.

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