Real Science

NOAA has been wildly exaggerating the heat and the drought, but the corn crop doesn’t lie.

RFA President Bob Dinneen said the USDA crop production report confirmed that farmers are likely to harvest the eighth-largest corn crop on record this fall, despite enduring the worst drought conditions in more than 50 years.

In 1988, the Mississippi River almost dried up. Claims that this is the worst drought in 5o years were NOAA lies.

He said that it’s “truly remarkable” that even in the face of the worst drought in 50 years and the hottest July in recorded history, U.S. farmers were able to produce a corn crop of this size.

July was cooler than 1936 and 1901, before NOAA cheating. The truly remarkable thing is how dishonest the US government is.

 Ag News: usda, crop production, corn, soybeans, american farm bureau federation

h/t to Tom Nelson

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