Author Taylor Caldwell, Summer Reading

I’m finding a great many good books at second hand bookstores. This one particularly interested me.

‘A Prologue to Love’, by Taylor Caldwell. 580 pages. 1961

A woman life circa late 1800s through the start of  ‘the age of wars’ before WW 1. The book describes through this financially astute yet emotionally retarded woman the moneyed families of Boston and their interconnections to European nobility, rising industrialism, war profiteering, banking financing both sides of wars and conflicts, and the corrupting and buying of governing officials including judges, senators, and presidents.

Individual responsibility and ultimate reckoning of personal choices despite treatment and circumstances in childhood give this novel great insight into this formative time period in which the powers of darkness began in earnest the dismantling of the freedoms of ‘upward mobility’ for the classless United States of America in the long term plan to introduce the class system into the only country in the world that had existed without that ancient system of rule by rich and powerful manipulate and rule over all others without the oversight and interference of a meddlesome middle class of independent means.

The main character is introduced at age eleven as Carrie Ames, the sadly neglected and unloved daughter of John Ames, one of the most powerful and richest men in America whose wealth was obtained in bitterness and resentment toward his own father, David Ames, internationally acclaimed (posthumously) artist who had so impoverished his wife and son that she died of starvation. David Ames and his wife were of noble backgrounds yet John’s reaction toward his father was utter hate and rejection.

This novel draws out the choices each person has to either blind themselves to love or to take personal responsibility and live the life left to them by their birth and circumstances.

God is Love.

Very thoughtful worthwhile book. I give it 5 stars out of 5.

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