Happy Mother’s Day!

Susan Nye - Around the Table

With Mothers’ Day approaching I’m feeling a little sentimental. I’ve been thinking about some of the gifts my mom has given me. Not the baby dolls or bicycles, the Fair Isle sweaters or even the bright red stew pot I still use today. I could dwell on the fact that she didn’t passed on her very long legs but I won’t.

Looking back, one of the best gifts my mother gave me was her enthusiasm for spirited conversation.

Dinner at our house served two critical purposes. It kept the family from starving and, more important, it brought us together every night. My mother was never particularly interested in cooking. I don’t remember her spending long hours in the kitchen. She gravitated toward quick and easy recipes and didn’t hesitate to throw a can of soup on a piece of chicken or into a pot of stew.

In spite of her…

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  1. Hi Muse,

    I spent the day (mother’s day) with my Canadian friend and his mom who is in hospice for her cancer. She is eating less and less, and some days doesn’t seem to recognize us…but it was wonderful being there with her and her family. The Saturday before mother’s day was my birthday, also spent it at the hospice. The days were gorgeous and sunny, mother’s day was a little bit gloomy and cloudy in the morning but by afternoon the sun came out and it turned out to be a beautiful May spring day.

    I’m feeling a little melancholy thinking about the changes of the last year, and even the last couple of weeks, so many things have happened that I’m still trying to sort it out and process it all…that’s why I haven’t really blogged much, I’m just too overwhelmed…

    love to you and your family, and hope you had an awesome mother's day 🙂

  2. Susan, It is awesome how God shows us his care in many ways when we’re in the throes of things like you are going through with a beautiful day in the midst of it.

    The melancholy is part of the internalizing and learning process, necessary for our growth, yet it hurts and heals too. My mother’s day was quiet, restful, and a bit like that too.

    I pray for you in all your changes, God bless you. 🙂

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