Tomato Boxes from Raw Sawmilled Pine

Making enough tomato boxes for fourteen different varieties with at least half dozen of each means we need a lot of wood. We didn’t want treated lumber and the boards we could get from the major lumber suppliers was really too expensive.  What to do? Since we live in the country we asked around and found a sawmill a few miles from us.


The sawmill has been run by two brothers ages eighty-two and eighty-six for the last forty odd years. These brothers are a wonderful working pair who get a great deal of enjoyment from being an important job for the community. There is no one in their family who is interested in continuing the mill after them which I think is a dirty rotten shame. But these guys are fabulous and provide raw lumber for whomever comes to their little sawmill located behind their house. The lumber is raw and uncured and odd sized, but it is wonderful for farm and garden needs for rough structures and fencing and tables and such like. Plane some of the older aged ones and you could get some finer projects.