Myths vs Science; “Garbage Patch in Pacific”, “Christian Climatologist, Katharine Hayhoe” Oxymorons Swallowed Whole

SO HOW About that mythological (Rothschild heir’s grand ‘Plastiki’ voyage to expose the supposed garbage patch in the Pacific  that in myth grew to twice the size of Texas, it turned out that it was Plastic Jesus Rothschild prepping for CO2 taxation along with Al Gore and Copenhagen 2010. Global Warming. Etc. They all stood to make billions from taxing our exhalations (along with our cows’ farts too).

Not so big after all!


Plastic Jesus



But school children were treated to the brainwash the voyage of the ‘Plastiki’ a catamaran supposedly made from just plastic bottles. Give me a break! it was an engineering marvel that did not stay afloat from those empty pepsi bottles, duh! Look at it for yourself!

Adventure National Geographic Photos of David de Rothschild’s Plastiki in Building Stages

See the complex engineering? It ain’t the plastic bottles keeping this boat afloat!

Awwwww! What a guy! Might cause plastic to be outlawed? Nah! But WOW! How politically correct!


However, de Rothschild’s amazing voyage is not mentioned in this story that perpetuates the myth.

Now the debunked garbage patch is ressurrected, this time by self professed Christian Scientist.  Katharine Hayhoe ” people have produced massive amounts of waste, resulting in an island of plastic garbage in the middle of the Pacific Ocean as big as Texas,”  Christian climatologist tackles God and global warming at Hardin-Simmons University
By Brian Bethel  Posted April 3, 2012


I want to ask what in heaven’s name is Christian about being a climatologist…………… HUH?????? What breed of scientist is that? Isn’t it an oxymoron to add the designation “Christian” to your job title to give you gravitas by tacking your belief system onto your resume?

What are we supposed to draw from a scientist who seems to indicate that we should believe their scientific thesis not because they have experiential proofs? No, but rather that because they are believers in Christ as we are Scripturally told to “……….prefer one another……….”


How we love them, we must as we love to listen to those who disavow everything spiritual and everything scientific in their efforts to entangle and hoodwink the entire world into enslaving taxation and regulation upon every physical asset known on earth starting with the air we breathe and the water we drink!

Top 50 Oxymoron list…

50. Act naturally

49. Found missing

48. Resident alien

47. Advanced BASIC

46. Genuine imitation

45. Airline food

44. Good grief

43. Same difference

42 Almost exactly

41. Government organization

40. Sanitary landfill

39. Alone together

38. Legally drunk

37. Silent scream

36. British fashion

35. Living dead

34. Small crowd

33. Business ethics

32. Soft rock

31. Butt head

30. Military intelligence

29. Software documentation

28. New York culture

27. Extinct life

26. Sweet sorrow

25. Childproof

24. “Now, then…”

23. Synthetic natural gas

22. Christian scientists

21. Passive aggression

20. Taped live

19. Clearly misunderstood

18. Peace force

17. New classic

16. Temporary tax increase

15. Christian soldier

14. Plastic glasses

13. Terribly pleased

12. Computer security

11. Political science

10. Tight slacks

9. Definite maybe

8. Pretty ugly

7. Twelve-ounce pound cake

6. Diet ice cream

5. Rap music

4. Working vacation

3. Exact estimate

2. Religious tolerance

And the NUMBER ONE top OXY-Moron . . .



1. Microsoft Works

What does that say about us? Maybe a lot. Maybe we like rose colored glasses? Maybe we hear what we want to hear? Maybe we want the easy life? Maybe we like being driven about by every wind that blows? Maybe we don’t want to take responsibility for our choices? Maybe we want someone else to take the blame for our shortfalls? Maybe we want denyability? Maybe we don’t really care to know truth?

Just slap an oxymoron onto any issue,

That’ll do the trick,

Don’t worry your head,

Wiser brains will give you the pablum you crave to soothe your burdened intellect,

Pardon will be granted?

I’m afraid not. Because ignorance, as they say, is no excuse.

Try the spirits, especially those who act as your guides in science.


2 thoughts on “Myths vs Science; “Garbage Patch in Pacific”, “Christian Climatologist, Katharine Hayhoe” Oxymorons Swallowed Whole

  1. David Rothchild is another prime candidate for “The Antichrist”… he kinda even looks like our pictures of Jesus (!) Been reading about Rasputin (also long-haired and self inflated self promoting healer and wise one, NOT! He raped women and told them it wasn’t sinful because he had the Father Son and Holy Ghost so they were making love to God!!! Ugh! …among other crazy things that he spouted and foolish people believed, but not everyone fell for his idiotic rantings)…Rasputin is a very interesting (albeit sickening) case study in what we will probably find in the future Antichrist….the difference (mainly) being that Rasputin was still UNDER the Tzar and Tzarina, but the Antichrist will have all the power of this world…however, God will only let it go on for a little while, alot of damage will be done in that little while, however God will bring good out of the bad (Romans 8:28) YaY!

  2. Very interesting indeed, Susan! I’ve only read one book, Nicholas and Alexandra by Robert K. Massie, and Rasputin’s part was indeed an anti-Christ type.

    Yes, many anti-Christs have come and gone even while Jesus walked the earth among us He warned of them. Our modern histories are riff with them and they breathe today.

    D Rothchild looks to me to be too lazy to be “The”, just judging from his unconcealed arrogance and mocking eyes, I’d imagine he’s heard of his resemblance to Jesus and that could be a part of his amused demeanor.

    Point here is that people will use anything even self professed Christian Scientist (the oxymoron in that title!) Katharine Hayhoe to prop up the theory of man caused climate change and how she uses the designation of Christian to sway people to her faulty “science” interpretations. Also that those pushing the CO2 myths are well aware of the gullibility of the masses to labeling and sparkling distractions.

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