My Two Cents on Whitney

 The 48-year-old music legend was at the “Kelly Price & Friends Unplugged: For The Love Of R&B Grammy Party” at Tru Hollywood nightclub on Thursday, February 9. Kelly Price called Houston up on stage and the pair sang a duet of “Yes, Jesus Loves Me” before Houston blew kisses to the crowd and walked off stage.

“I invited a bunch of friends, Whitney Houston among them. … All of my friends came out. They performed. They performed for free. It was an amazing night. My band was there. It ended up being an all-out jam session,” Price told MTV News at a pre-Grammy brunch on Saturday morning. “I wasn’t expecting Whitney to take the stage, but she came up. She got on the stage, and while I was talking to her, she grabbed the microphone and started singing.

It looks to my simple mind that Whitney Houston was a believer under the blood of Jesus Christ of Nazareth.

Her soft voice and confession of who she loved as being the Lord and her family makes me think she was a believer.

It is my humble thought that she got taken out of this world, by whose hand we’ll never know, but surely it was allowed by her Creator Jesus.

The battle over the individual souls of the talented and gifted of this world is as complex as Satan can make it, but  the dark devil worship that Madonna demonstrated at the Super Bowl was not Whitney’s choice as evidenced in this September 2009 interview with Oprah, Whitney had love in her heart and was the antithesis of Madonna.

Part 7 of 10

Whitney Houston September 2009 Interview with Ophra

Here is the article that set me thinking;


12 thoughts on “My Two Cents on Whitney

  1. Hello Mater, I read your post, it’s lovely. I had a peaceful feeling that Whitney is in heaven singing with the angels.

    I am going to to get started with my move. Your blog looks very nice and peaceful.


  2. Well I’m all moved except I have a few questions I can’t seem to get answers for. Or the answers are right in front of me and because I’m not very well versed in computer ed. I don’t see or understand. I don’t want to bug you but if you could answer this I’d appreciate your help.

    I don’t understand the directions about images, those would be the pics I got from photobucket not my personal pics… right? The directions say to upload images again? Once I take care of the images/picture part of this, then I can delete blogger and I guess there’s an obvious way to do that too right?

    I also wanted an “About Me” like I had on blogger. Do I need to pick a theme with one already there or is there a way to add it? I tried to through widgets, but with no luck.


  3. Hi Sassy, I’m happy to try to help. I’m not very computer savvy myself, but I am persistent and just keep on clicking away until I get it, heh, heh.

    Let’s see….the “About Me” can be done as a “Page” that goes as a Tab on your “Main Page” and is seen at the top of all “Pages” I think. You can see mine on matermusearts under the “Header” to the right of the “Home” button; then “About”

    Home About


    I have yet to delete my old blogs, but am going to soon, just wanted to make sure I got everything squared away with these new ones. Yes, I did delete my pictures too from the blog’s photobucket and I found them when deleting each blog entry. (I think I didn’t have to go to all that trouble, but just to be “sure” I painstakingly did delete each blog post before getting ready to delete the entire blog which I have to do now as a final goodbye to blogspot.)

    I am not sure about what you are needing on this issue of pictures. Do you have your pictures backed up somewhere else other than blog and photobucket? Deleting photos from photobucket will not affect your new blog’s having them on it.

    But I don’t know about your archiving personal photos from anywhere else unless/because I don’t understand if you have CD, DVD, hard prints, or computer files of them, so I wouldn’t want to cause you to lose any pictures.

    I hope this helps.:)

  4. Hi Sassy, I got your last and had one more thing to add.
    I just deleted my blogspot blogs. I signed then went to Dashboard, next clicked Settings on blog I wanted to delete, that click took me to “Basic” tab which shows Basic options page,
    look for
    Blog Tools then see the buttons;
    Import blog Export blog Delete blog
    Click Delete blog
    which takes you to
    “Delete your blog” page
    Happy to help, I look forward to seeing your new blog! Be sure to send me a link to it or make a comment here so I will be able to follow it. 😀

  5. Hi Matermuse,

    Forgiveness comes from God, it is a free gift not anything earned in any way…if it needs to be earned we would all fail miserably!

    I hope you are right about Whitney, we will find out when we go to be with Him, maybe Whitney will be there to welcome us as well 🙂

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