John 13, Jesus Washed His Disciples Feet

I read today John Chapters 13 -14

Yesterday I read;

Ah, But Your Land is Beautiful, 1981, by Alan Paton, South African author

I bought this book from my favourite second hand bookstore. They said that it came from a lady’s estate who had thousands of books. What a gift to posterity! I was able to purchase it for $2.99. and gladly paid.

I had read it with interest in fits and starts as I usually have books of assorted kinds going at once. Books are a comfort and joy and food  for my many jumbled thoughts and concerns. It is joyful whenever I find a book written by someone who has love in his heart as Alan Paton demonstrates with Ah, But Your Land is Beautiful. This book covers the 1952-58 time period beginning in what they call, “The Defiance Campaign” in which they pushed back against some of the apartheid laws such as separate use of public places, places of worship,  transportation, and land occupancy laws.

Here is a photo of pages 234 & 235

page 234

page 235

Many things I’ve read in the book have reminded me of the injustices in our own country’s dealings with our neighbors in our own country as well as the world. The fears of the Afrikaners made them do horrid things through apartheid and of course they committed even worse atrocities against the black and brown peoples with whom they unevenly shared that beautiful land.

To simplify I will say that their justifications for their separate existence laws from the native South Africans and the other brown skinned peoples like the Indians whom they imported into the country for labor to build railroads were made out of arrogance, greed, and Darwinian type genetic racial inequality theories, but mostly FEAR of their superior numbers. The Christians in South Africa of all colors were sifted through the age of White Rule. There where were many Whites who responded to the commands of Jesus Christ to treat their Black and Brown brothers with kindness, many as in this book were ostracized for it.

This book was written in 1981, before the abolition of official Apartheid. Looking backward we can see many things have improved, yet much is still to be done. I think much has to be done in our country too. God cannot be pleased with Christians supporting suppressions of freedoms out of fear when He told us that we are to fear none but God himself. We have a long way to go.  In verse 34 Jesus gives a new commandment.

John 13 Jesus Washes His Disciples Feet and Gives A New Commandment

I meditated upon the act of Jesus washing feet all night long, I dreamed in wonder about it. This morning I got my Bible out to get the unadulterated Word.

Verse 35 By this shall all men know that ye are my disciples, if ye have love one to another.

Do they know? Do we love?


8 thoughts on “John 13, Jesus Washed His Disciples Feet

  1. Ma says:

    So much here to chew on. I think of religiousity’s tendency (esp. “fundamentalism”) to have a fear of these or those.

    It happens without us even realizing what it going on.

  2. Hi, thanks for stopping by my blog today and your encouragement of writing Smitty’s story “Mr. Nobody Smith.” I didn’t even scratch the surface of his story in my blog. It is a powerful story and it has deeply changed me. Every now and then I’ll be sharing more about him, my experiences and what I’ve learned, so I hope you’ll visit again.

    This post hit me in that just minutes ago I finished listening to a teaching on the foot washing and our call to love. Hmmm…what is the Lord trying to get through to me? :0) Grace & Peace to you, sister.

  3. Wow! I am deeply moved by this post.

    About the prejudices-seems Darwinian for sure. I am always saddened because if we believe evolution is truth-then someone is not as evolved, and since we are diverse colors, well it leaves room open for hate and/or superiority.

  4. matermusearts says:

    Hi Leslie, I look forward to more about Smitty.

    I think God is speaking to many of us on this subject.:)

  5. matermusearts says:

    Hi Jennifer, I’ve been color blind all my life from good experiences with others from my earliest memories and coming from a rural background in which people were just people.

    One of my first memories is of walking down a little town street and letting loose of my mother’s hand, then grasping it again and continuing on until I looked up to see that I was holding the hand of a kindly gentleman looking down at me in good humour. He chuckled at my mistake and I was warmed by his smile at this little distracted white child thinking he an elderly black man was my mother.:D

  6. Hi Matermuse,

    There is so much in the way of racism that went on with me and my family (having been on both sides of this issue)….where do I begin??? My mom and dad are Eurasians (mom is French, German and Chinese and my dad mostly Dutch and 1/4 Indonesian) when they came to Europe in their teens my mom and her family were treated like lesser humans for not being pure white. That was in the late 1940’s. My mom, on the other hand, was treated very inhumanely by Koreans and Japanese during WW2, so she had a deep hatred for Dutch white and Japanese and especially for Koreans whom she said were the most evil people on earth.

    When she turned to Jesus (after seeing my life change) God broke her down and helped her to see her own hatefulness, and how ugly it was, and melted her anger and spite. Now when I see her recent pictures, her smile is genuine and peaceful with a softness that wasn’t there when I had to endure her wrath while growing up. God really does turn lead into gold! 😀

  7. matermusearts says:

    Hi Susan, you see that people are just people through first and second hand experiences. I used to believe my geography books that taught about the beauty of all the world and its peoples. But today I am disillusioned and it is so sad that divisions are maybe worse than ever! I have lived to see too much hate between peoples, but it is divide and conquer that the Devil always has used that makes one people fear and hate another. You are so blessed to have seen your mother let go of her hurts and turn them over the Jesus, He is the only one who can “turn lead into gold”. I’m so glad to have a few Christian friends like you, my internet friend and sister in Him. I do get discouraged at times.

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