Stand for ALL Life and Real Reform Starting in the Heart, 39th Anniversary Roe v Wade

I humbly submit my strategy for the best political leadership toward this goal of restoration of personal responsibility and honor and liberty to true choice to obey our Creator.

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This picture illustrates Where we are. How we got here is infamously chaotic self serving trade offs and political strategies of both Life and Anti-Life so called choice and control over who gets to come into this world.

Caught in the middle are the families torn and provertized of their children who never got liberty to live free of their mother’s wombs.

Roe vs Wade should never have been accepted by the Supreme Court which in doing so stole powers that were delegated to We the People. The checks and balances of our Constitution are out of check and balance. Only by the changing of hearts through conviction that every human being conceived is the property of his Creator can the honor of this nation founded upon the principles of liberty be restored.

2 Chronicles 7:14 If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.

I pray for individuals to take responsibility and to allow God to heal our hearts and land  in the name of Jesus Christ.


2 thoughts on “Stand for ALL Life and Real Reform Starting in the Heart, 39th Anniversary Roe v Wade

  1. Hi Matermuse,So true that the powers of man are usurping the power of God, and it is a frightful situation, a nightmare to be sure. The fact that we have become so accustomed to what is wrong that it seems right is especially horrifying to me. What a terrible mess we've made of this world.I was talking with a cab driver here in Nassau (today's my last day of vacation in the Bahamas) and said to him that God could have scrapped this earth when He saw the direction it was going…He could have just junked it and started over with a clean slate, but He didn't do that. He loves us, and wants to salvage it as much as is possible. The cab driver agreed and praised God with us for His mercy. He told us that he works 6 1/2 days per week…works on Sundays AFTER he gets out of church. He said he loves getting together with other people to praise God for all the good that He has done. He was truly one of the highlights of my trip!:)

  2. Hi Susan, I wondered where you'd been, hope you're refreshed from your vacation. It's always wonderful to find fellow Christian believers where ever we go. Mercy of God is so true, He knows just what He's doing. It will be cleaned up His way! Praise Jesus.:)

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