"Faith Like Potatoes" An Encouraging Movie

I usually don’t like “Christian” movies because of the cloying triteness that rings too pat and superficial, but this offering from South Africa is very well done and presents a very human testimony of real people.

For a lift in spirit you can view the preview here and also buy it if you like ; http://www.globalcreative.co.za/file/Films/Entries/2009/11/15_Faith_like_Potatoes.html
or watch it from rental at netflix or other outlet that has it.

My husband and our teenagers were very well held by the story and the settings were absolutely beautiful. We smiled, laughed, and shed a tear and enjoyed the bittersweet victories and blessings this farm family and their community share in this movie.


5 thoughts on “"Faith Like Potatoes" An Encouraging Movie

  1. I actually loved it too. I was surprised because I am not so much a movie person aside from the oldies~We went and bought it after we watched it on Netflix and have watched it several times over. I confess I love how they built their home as much as I love the message, and I cried when he ran over the boy. Oh so very heart~wrenching.Have a lovely Monday!Jennifer

  2. Ma says:

    This looks interesting. I watched the preview. Do you think it would be appropriate for the whole fam. Mine range from age 3-12.

  3. Jennifer, We're going to buy it too, my husband said it gave him the lift that he needed in these times of so much unbelievable upside down events. I think they really handled the tractor accident tragedy realistically showing the grief of the adults and then their hopefulness of seeing him again after the father dreamed about him not wanting to come back but that he'd be waiting for them. Yes, heart wrenching, but applicable to all of our having to let go and look forward to the afterlife with Jesus. Ma, I think you'll have to watch it first and then see if you can prepare or explain to the little ones it's probably over their heads now and may not be time yet because of the focus upon the father of the family and the adult journey of faith. For my teens ages 17 & 16 it was very wonderful how they enjoyed it.

  4. I hope you don't mind my input…but we always prewatch movies. I know that sounds old fashioned or crazy, but our standards may be different from others, even those we consider firm in the faith. I would say prewatching would be perfect. As dealing with loss, as well as poor treatment of people in the beginning may cause concerns for children.Another note, as I have a bit of hearing loss, I had a bit of a time adapting to the South African accent, the second, third and fourth viewing I understood it perfectly!

  5. Jennifer, I welcome your input! Great point! Even with teenagers I've had occasion to rue not prewatching a "good" movie. Getting up to stop the movie at those times and then having to think how to explain at those unexpected shocking moments isn't best, I've found.:( Ma, I'm sorry I didn't consider your sweet littles ones in the review, I agree with Jennifer's remarks.Also, Jennifer, I have a bit of hearing loss too and had the same difficulty with the accent, but loved hearing it blended with the Scottish brogue.:)

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