"On Christ the Solid Rock I Stand, All Other Ground is Sinking Sand"

Now we are being prepared for yet another weakening of our consciouses as believers in Jesus Christ of Nazareth the Only Begotten Son of God the Way the Truth and the Light the One who gives us eternal life.

Here are articles urging us to vote for Mitt Romney Mormon bishop of the LDS religion which denies our Lord and Savior’s Identity as the perfect Lamb of God. One of the basic facts about the LDS is their revelation that theirs is an “evolving” system of religion. Pay close attention to that profession, it allows further changes in any area of a Mormon’s beliefs, therefore anything they say can be taken back and changed to the opposite as evidenced in the below articles. 


In Boston, Mitt Romney ‘evolved’ in Mormon leadership, some churchwomen say, by Jason Horowitz, Published: November 21, ARLINGTON, Mass.

” Romney’s pilgrim’s progress from tone-deaf enforcer of doctrine to a more mature and tolerant pastor of the feminists in his flock.

Romney, who declined to comment for this article, is now a potential Republican nominee for president. In this election, he has embraced his long and active membership in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints to parry accusations that he lacks consistency and a “core.” But some of the women who witnessed Romney’s tenure as the highest-ranking Mormon authority in Boston, the epicenter of the church’s women’s movement, offer a more nuanced portrait.

“He evolved,” said Barbara Taylor, a former president of Exponent II who went on to serve as personal assistant to Romney in the Massachusetts governor’s office. “He is an entirely different person now.”

Mike Huckabee tells conservatives to prepare to back Mitt Romney, by Rachel Rose Hartman | The Ticket

“Huckabee’s comments are the latest indication conservatives are readying one another to “hold their noses” and vote for Romney, who opponents on both sides of the aisle paint as the most moderate major Republican candidate in the 2012 race.”

(I think I need to spit and spew this out of my mouth,  instead of holding my nose and voting for an anti-christ!) 

Oct 03, 2011
Mitt Romney sits down with Mike Huckabee to flip-flop on abortion
by Kaili Joy Gray

(Here’s where being an evolving Mormon comes in extremely handy.)


Here are Huckabee’s own very political words in which he “reserves the right to change his mind” about who he supports. He is a Republican’s Republican first and foremost, and in my humble opinion he will vote for the lesser of two evils and support Romney over Obama. I also see in Huckabee that his political aspirations are far from ended and that he may be positioning for VP? I believe that the choice between Republicans and Democrats is a Hobson’s choice unlike  Huckabee who supports the two party system and is willing to vote for even an anti-christ Mormon to get a Republican elected.


Investigative Audio “Huckabee: Tea Party may need to support Romney”


It is revealing how vehemently Mike Huckabee opposes Ron Paul.

Mike Huckabee Bashes Ron Paul And Avoids Iran Question

Here is slanderous statements made on Leno May, 2011, that he made incorrectly framing Ron Paul’s beliefs on traditional Republican hot points.


Finally look at this 2008 presidential debate footage of Ron Paul and one example of the blatant disrespect.
“The fact everyone that controls the International Banking Cartel, Main Stream Media and Big oil etc. are so fearful of this man is maybe really the first reason you should give him your vote.

Republican Debates 2008″

No change in Paul’s message other than now he has made it more succinct as in this Face the Nation interview with Bob Schieffer. Paul fields the tough issues that have been used by both parties of our false right left paradigm for the last century. Come out of fear and examine the slogans that have kept our nation at war for the last ten years. Watch some Ron Paul and give him a chance is all I ask, because I think he makes great sense.

All the Republican candidates other than Ron Paul use fear factor to motivate Christians. Fearing terrorists or any other than God is evil.  We should fear God who is able to destroy both the body and the spirit.


4 thoughts on “"On Christ the Solid Rock I Stand, All Other Ground is Sinking Sand"

  1. Looking at RP more these days, never really followed much of what politicians have been saying anymore the last few years, but no that you've had me look at RP, I do agree with what he says….however, I have become very cynical…I believe that Ron Paul will be removed. I don't like the thought, but he's too right and he's gaining support, and that's what tptb do to people that don't play by their false premises.

  2. Happy Thanksgiving!Susan, Mine was very nice, weather wonderful after a week of gloominess, open windows and 20 people bringing lots of good things to eat at my house. Good points, as always, Sister in Christ!I agree on all counts, yes some like the prior Geneva, I'll look into it more too. I think WND puts it out? But I do not like WND very much though because I think they are neo conservative to point of ignoring Ron Paul because he won't use war threats against the "terrorists", he doesn't fit Farah's bill of being "Israel" protector which is keeping Evangelicals on the war wagon:( I hate to see it, but WND focuses upon the Armageddon view of many who actually WANT WW3 to cause the "rapture", and you know my view about the secret rapture is that IT ISN'T and Jesus' return will be unmistakable to ALL. I don't go on WND much, but I check on it regularly to assess it and it always has that nasty fear mongering & crusader spirit in the totality of it's stories despite having sprinkles of good articles. Yes, it is dangerous for Ron Paul to fly in the face of the DC secret society run paradigm, but at least someone is getting to speak in the open about our dire loses of freedoms. I just pray that he awakens some who call themselves Christian to the evils of relying upon the government instead of our God. That alone will be a victory in so many of our polluted pastorates and watered down Bible ignorant flocks.But it is as you say, and not many will listen, but it has always been so in the true Church, straight & narrow & few they be that find the path. There's many sincere people under the spell of the neo conservative political game, this candidacy could help wake them. I pray for a spiritual victory much more than a political one.:)

  3. Ma says:

    I hate to see it, but WND focuses upon the Armageddon view of many who actually WANT WW3I know what you mean. As much as I love the idea of Jesus coming back, my focus has been much different lately.

  4. Hi Ma, hope you're having a good Thanksgiving week too! My focus is lifting up Jesus to light the world to Him until I get the call to join Him and those who've gone on before us. That just simply means to me, "be ye not weary in well doing", "do not faint", "He is faithful!" Just reflecting on the knowledge that He is ever present and I should be conscious of it because, "He cares"!

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