MyMater & Me

Just to introduce my new background, I’m using this old Polaroid complete with the tab still attached that you pulled out of the camera to activate the developing jell that squished between the positive paper and the negative backing paper.

You had to carefully hold onto the whole assembly for 60 seconds, then peel it apart and apply your fixer liquid with the kit brush to coat the picture to keep it from fading away. I still remember the smell of that chemical concoction.

I remember my dad (whose finger print is in the lower right hand corner) across the street making the picture and me doing what I liked best, skipping on the sidewalk, while my mother and my grand aunt and uncle sat on the park bench.

I think it was in Waukeegan, WI. , but no idea why we were there, but I enjoyed myself where ever I was when I was four.  I still do. 


Lights to Musings

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