For Susan So It Won’t Clutter Her Blog, My Comment on Chaz vs AFA and FOX

Hi again, Susan, Now I’ve watched, here goes my reaction to your post;

After giving the folks like Donald Wildmon’s AFA (AFA also sells a family-friendly internet filter for an annual fee of $49.95.) a couple of decades to influence the cleaning up of the air waves I think they’ve done a, excuse my French here, Susan, piss poor job! I have to say if anything they’ve made it worse for the true church by giving the illusion that there is a way to take the powers of the air over for good.

So church members keep on paying the bills and surfing the channels for “something decent” to watch all the while getting flashed in the face with putridness of ALL kinds.

I do think that we have to point it out that this is abhorrent sinful behavior, but I think these folks (not 100% of them), AFA and FOX are pharisees who want to take us under the law again, I think they’re pseudo conservatives who want to make over the world for the kingdom-now-theology that will lead (they hope?)to Antichrist setup in the one world order of “peace and safety/ security” (that is until the mark of the beast is trotted out).

It is so complex how the forces of antichrist work all the angles, liberal/conservative, right/left, R&D.

Personally I’ve never been more defrauded than when I’ve watched and listened to the prurient news reports that O’Rielly, Hannity, etc. and the prom queen–leg crossing–high heeled beautiful talking heads, with the defrauding “news” film footage of the things FOX is “outraged” about. Visit the website and get the most titillating stories on their sidebars and advertisements as well as their Murdoch network and pornography connections. It just doesn’t wash to me.

A controversy stops existing when people refuse to watch. That’s the only solution.

Christians watching TV, just deactivate the 95% of channels that offend Jesus or stop enriching the makers of those shows with pay subscriptions. We’ve been lead to believe that our “Christian” dollar is valuable to these people, but that is a lie. These people who make TV of this kind have no need for our money, they want to make the church just as dirty as the world.

We do have choices, and they are cut and dried, dear friend, we can cut off the offending limb or pluck out the offending eye, but we’re not going to stop the networks from putting this life offending–junk on the air. Jesus Christ’s kingdom is not of this world. “Lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil”, I echo in prayer for the true church not made with hands.:)


4 thoughts on “For Susan So It Won’t Clutter Her Blog, My Comment on Chaz vs AFA and FOX

  1. Hi Musemater,I haven't had cable or dish since I moved to Michigan, and I don't miss it a bit. I have "rabbit ears" and yeah, it doesn't come in real good during bad weather, but it's free, and I get PBS! The Create channel is fabulous, has alot of great cooking shows and travel shows too. And there are a few retro stations that have old movies and television shows like "Hawaii 5-0" and "The Rockford Files", really corny but I like it :)I do watch Fox sometimes…I like that "Buried Treasure" show.I do agree that there is something terribly wrong with many right wing conservative groups. I never could quite put my finger on what it was, but I think you are onto something when you say that they are preparing the way for the antichrist.

  2. Hi Susan, I'm not surprised you have the "rabbit ears" & PBS, are you my stolen-from-the-hospital-sister? lol!I have my handful of TV shows that I see, reruns on netflix or with my mom on local channels, I like the old cornball too. 🙂

  3. I get about 10 or 12 (depending on the weather) channels, and that is more than enough, ABC and NBC and Fox, and a weather channel, so I can watch the local news shows from time to time. Also some of my stations (well, all of them really, but many of the shows are so old that they don't come in looking like HD) are high definition, so my picture clarity is excellent. So I have to wonder why I would spend 40-50 bucks a month for something…I may watch 2-3 shows a week, and sometimes I go weeks without watching tv.

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