Tomatoes, Peaches, Blueberries, Etc………..What I’ve been into in July

Neighbor’s you pick Blueberries made into Jam
Sister-in-law’s Peaches
Five kinds of tomatoes from my garden    

Still working at the food preserving, not done yet, it’s been a real bounty, but I’m kind of tired, grateful mostly, but I need a little break and the peaches won’t last if I don’t push on through the work. Oh well, I’ll thank me later, as Monk on TV would say.:)(


4 thoughts on “Tomatoes, Peaches, Blueberries, Etc………..What I’ve been into in July

  1. Ma says:

    Yum yum yum! The kids would love the jam.Peaches, how wonderful! How are you preserving them? I have a friend who likes to freeze them.What's in the jars?

  2. Hi Ma! The peaches are the smaller old time ones, not sure what variety, come off my sister-in-law's unsprayed trees, so there are worms to cut out, but not so bad and worth it too. Then leaving the peelings on I'm cutting them into little wedges then air & sun drying them. I think that's what makes them so wonderful for pan fried pies. You don't wash them, you just dust off any that look like they need it, because water spoils the texture and makes drying difficult. That's how my mother-in-law always did it and my grandmother too.I have had frozen, but not the same consistency. You can freeze them after thorough drying too if you want.It's tomatoes in the jars, some bright red, some deep red because of the different varieties.

  3. Ma says:

    I thought it might be salsa:) I hope to can some tomatoes and freeze and all the rest.I love the peach ideas…that that they are unsprayed, wonderful..I don't mind cutting off bad spots!

  4. The tomato varieties are; Pink Brandywine (deep pink), Cherokee (purplish red), Big Red (about a true red), and Abraham Lincoln (the orangish red flatish club shaped), and forgot the name of the tiny ones. Cutting off the bad spots is worth it.:)

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