Silver, Stainless Steel, Gray, Grey, Au Naturel, No Fear?

This post is inspired by Susan’s Flutterbys here.  This very subject has been on my mind because of the contracting field of women my “age”!

It’s kind of funny, sad, and maddening, but I find fewer and fewer of my friends and relations able to resist the flow of forever “youth”. Despite the fact that we all look the same age whether we color or not, there is a disconcerting difference between us, a sort of apologetic/guilty pause we share when noticing one another’s appearance when meeting for the first time in years. I don’t know which of us is more embarrassed to see the results of our aging, me with my gray hair or them with their “ageless” hair.

For what it’s worth, to me if no one else, here are my photos. Enjoy with me the freedom from maintaining roots.:)

Notice how well I blend in with the trees!

I suppose I AM as old as some of them!

Viva! Au Naturel!


3 thoughts on “Silver, Stainless Steel, Gray, Grey, Au Naturel, No Fear?

  1. You have beautiful hair, Muse! I color my hair. My mom convinced one of her friends to stop coloring her hair…she was solid gray but died her hair black, so those roots really stood out! Now her hair looks so pretty! Almost like a platinum blonde…I have dark hair, and right now I'm about 1/6 gray…I don't like the stringy look of the black and white together, I guess it's my own warped perception fooling me, so for the time being, I'll continue with this self-deception….one day I'll be brave and let it go too 🙂

  2. Ma & Susan, thanks for your encouragements!I'm not too brave though, because I did color my hair from age 42 thru 55! I was afraid of being called too old with my babies born when I was 39 & 41, was not too happy to be called their grandmother (although it never happened, thank the Lord). Silly me again! I'm just now coming to terms after stopping coloring 3 & a half years ago. The year of transition was pretty gruesome with my short chopped skunk look! In hindsight I wish I'd not waited until it was sooooo gray to have gotten to see a little of the salt & pepper stage to have eased myself into the different look. My hair was very dark brown. IT WAS A SHOCK!So I don't ask anyone to go au naturel, I'm OK with it now, but it's just interesting to me how much pressure we have to color now & getting harder all the time! I read somewhere that they've identified the gene for gray hair or something like it, so I may be an endangered specie soon!:)

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