Neither Calvinism Nor Arminian

It has been a long road for me with many wrong turns in theology from following men instead of following the Holy Spirit’s interpreting the Word to me from the reading of the Bible.

My failing has always been lack of Bible study, putting so many things before my first love.

Here a young man who has memorized half the Bible, puts both schools of Christian theology under the Word and explains for me what I’ve been wanting to express, but didn’t know how because of my lack of grounding in Bible reading.

Neither Calvin nor Arminius rely upon the simple Roman Road of Faith, and neither theology believes in Eternal Security of the Believer. (Calvin says that if you don’t hate & cast out every sin you are not really saved. Arminius says you can loose your state of salvation.)

Simple truth that has been obscured by theologians which has served to divide the church for hundreds of years. All the wasted efforts we have expended trying to decide upon which of two incorrect theologies to call ourselves followers of, essentially another gospel of WORKS! Galatians fools we’ve fallen for distractions and lived in defeat because of our sinful natures never being able to stop sinning, always looking to self instead of God.

So what am I? A believer in Jesus Christ of Nazareth covered by his blood  and thereby eternally secure by his propitiation unto adoption to be joint heir with Him by the grace of God.


3 thoughts on “Neither Calvinism Nor Arminian

  1. Ma says:

    I like this post.I am trying to discipline myself to start reading the Word fresh…as if I had no pre-conceived ideas…and we all do. What is it about us that makes us want to fit every verse into some "system"…it's hard to just let the words be.

  2. He's an Arminian, lol, whether he wants to admit it or not.He fails to realize that if even one person is saved out of this world…let's say Moses is the only one that ever will be saved, that is ONE MORE person than who could ever deserve it. No one deserves it, so God's sovereign grace overrides the fact that we don't deserve it. Total Depravity is not talking about how good we perceive ourselves or others to be, but it is talking about our utterly hopeless and selfish state that we are in prior to God intervening, and Jesus answered when the disciples said "Who then can be saved" and they were very conscious of the fact that it was impossible, and Jesus answered "With men it is IMPOSSIBLE but with God ALL THINGS are possible" … does that mean God is a "Universalist" then? If it were true what Jesus says there, since He wants all men to be saved and with God ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE, why aren't all men saved? Some things are a mystery to our understanding because we don't want to accept certain things as true about God's sovereignty and man's depravity prior to salvation, but that doesn't make it any less true. 😉

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