Charles H Spurgeon Exposed!!!


One thought on “Charles H Spurgeon Exposed!!!

  1. There is a separate distinction of the "blessedness of salvation" as compared with God's act of saving, the two are diffeent and are often confused and why Arminianists continue to get it wrong. A person can be elect and saved and yet not have the blessed assurance of salvation because of their (our) continuing to harbor and hold on to sins that are not released to God. These can torment us (I too have experienced this) and not allow us to rest comfortably in His saving grace.Those quotes of Spurgeon's are talking about the rest that we come to, when we release all that junk to Jesus. That doesn't save us, He already did that, but it allows us to enjoy the blessed assurance of our salvation, that blessed assurance is kept from us while we continue to live unrepentantly. That is a continual struggle, and that struggle isn't what saves us. There are also those who put on a show of being saved, who aren't really. No matter what they do won't change that fact…unless and until God truly transform them, and that is an act of His will, not ours.I too swerve in what I "feel" regarding this issue, but regardless of my feelings and fluctuating thoughts on these things, God remains constant, and He is our Rock, the Foundation on which we stand, He doesn't change, even when we in our attempts to understand Him change, He is ever the same, and what He begins in us, He will finish….however, our perceptions of His work in us might change not just from day to day, but even from moment to moment. Anyone who doesn't admit that their understanding of this can vary from time to time, is a liar, because the only true constant is Jesus.;-)

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