With Man It Is Impossible to Be Saved, With God All Things Are Possible


6 thoughts on “With Man It Is Impossible to Be Saved, With God All Things Are Possible

  1. Ma says:

    I just heard someone else talking about this lately. I never had a problem with the literal reading.We really should read the text at face value more and look for "historical context" less.I'm guilty of this sometimes myself.Grasshopper cookies..funny:P

  2. Hi Ma, I like your sense of humor, I'm guilty too. This young pastor is quite the plain speaker, not lovely or intellectual, just solid study, Bible explaining the Bible.

  3. Actually, the Zondervan explanation still does make sense to me. If we take it in the context then the wide gate would be the wide way that leads to hell, and it is the way that everyone goes through because they don't want to humble themselves and leave all their goods behind. I don't know why he says that doesn't make sense….? I really don't get his way of thinking at all, sorry Muse…

  4. Hi Susan, I don't think you are disagreeing with Sanderson because he said that it's "unmerited grace" that we're saved through. He was saying man is unable to give up sinning (unloading the camel to go through the gate of salvation) before being saved by the grace of God, that it is only because of God extending grace that we are saved when we believe on Jesus Christ.The unloading of the sinning life style comes after our change into a new creature at the belief. Believe, confess, salvation, then God changes us & he brings us to want to be like him & we are then on the eternal life road along which we're being perfected as we go along, never done with our sinfulness until the meeting in heaven with him when we finally die.He was saying that their small gate opening was the one used for people without loads or camels laden with cargo, example; the loading dock of Federal Express side of the building that has wide doors for the trucks to back up to aren't used by the people who drive the trucks, they use the little man sized door beside the truck doors. Look at the Zondervan illustration, does it show something similar for the people to enter separate from the loaded camels? Where did the name for the gate come from? Who calls it "the eye of the needle gate"?Here is a comment from a discussion that helped me;"Jesus was indeed talking about an actual needle. The Greek word translated "eye" is a word that literally means "hole". The Greek word translated "needle" is the word for an actual sewing needle. It is not a matter of God being a respecter of persons, (i.e.: being against rich people). Read the next few verses in the story and you will see the resolution, namely: NOTHING is impossible for God, (not even providing a way for rich people to enter Heaven). Further… there is no archaeological evidence for there ever having been a gate in Jerusalem called "eye of the needle". Sorry, it's just not there. My hobby is biblical archaeology, and I have many books on the subject. Also, I have been to Jerusalem, and around all the walls of the city. No such gate. Period. The idea was first proposed by a commentator in the Middle Ages, who (I presume) was so pre-occupied with the one verse's statement that it was impossible for a rich person to enter Heaven, that he failed to read the next few verses, (see previous paragraph). Unfortunately the fictitious gate has been perpetuated unknowingly ever since. Lastly, by looking at the few verses preceding the verse in question, you can begin to rightly see the context, and hence interpret the passage. Doing so points us toward the key issue: Entry into Heaven is via faith in Christ, through HIS grace & power and through OUR faith and trust in Christ. Trusting in our savings account, jobs, pensions, and nice material possessions only makes it all the more difficult to trust in God. (Related to this are the two verses which say that we cannot serve both God and Mammon (money/riches)). Russell Philologus, Connecticut, USA"

  5. Hi Musemater,Thank you for explaining it to me. I thought he was saying "don't look into history ONLY read your Bibles" and that's ridiculous to me because I love looking into what the time was like during the time of the Bible to better understand some of the sayings and customs etc. I looked up the words in the passage, eye is indeed aperture (adjustable opening like what's in a camera lens) and needle (something sharp used to sew with, pretty specific)I agree that it can only be because God has done, is doing and will do the removing of what He desires removed. The passage is talking about the fact that it is impossible for those with lots of worldly wealth to enter into the kingdom of heaven. None of us would make it without God's intervention.

  6. Something else that just came to my mind is about the "eye"…there are alot of fascinating things regarding the eye….the aperture (in the iris) opens wide or narrow depending on the amount of light coming towards it…also it was Eve's eyes, seeing the pleasantness of the fruit and that it was desirable, which was a huge part of her problem.Also, Jesus made lots of comments about people's lack of seeing and understanding…Just thinking…. 🙂

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