Summer Sillys

I watered my 32 tomato plants today, but silly me I waited until 9:30 this morning to get started, by which time it was sure near 90! They’ll live and I’ll live now but, whew! I got drenched in sweat & a little delirious before it was done.

Tomatoes cannot wait so that’ll teach me!

My silly problem was that the water faucet wasn’t working on the garden side of the house. I had to pull my little green wagon & trot back & forth with watering buckets in it up to the closest point to the garden that the hose would reach from being connected to the opposite side of the house!

Tomatoes cannot wait so that’ll teach me!

Silly me, I made the job about 5 times as hard by not waiting for my husband to fix the faucet. But in all honesty he has a little putting off thing about those kinds of repairs, not his fault but mine, because I ask him to do so many! Silly me again! I just think them up faster than either of us can keep up.

Tomatoes cannot wait so that’ll teach me!

This is my second gardening year, and I’ve doubled it from last year’s. Not really sure why I made it so big and spread out other than I have a large space and love growing things. And I am learning  gardening in the first person the jump-into-the-deep-end-of-the-pool way. My appreciation for my grandmother’s gardening skills increase daily!

I’ll say it one more time.

Tomatoes cannot wait so that’ll teach me!


2 thoughts on “Summer Sillys

  1. Ma says:

    We're learning gardening much the same way! I think this is our third or fourth (non consecutive) attempt. It gonna be a hot one here today, too.

  2. Hi Ma, I'm glad to say the husband fixed the faucet, it just needed an adjustment, and got me an extra 50 foot water hose to boot. Now I can water without all that foolishness.:)Stay cool, I hope you get bushels of good produce, enjoy!

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