Charles Spurgeon, The world does not object to your being a Christian for a time

After further study I conclude that this posting of Charles Spurgeon’s sermon is a disservice to FAITH in that it emphasizes WORKS. I am learning, painfully slowly, to let go of both Spurgeon’s Calvinism and also Arminius’ differing sides to the coin of WORKS theology. See my post dated June 16,   

I’m not saying that the sermon is not reflective of thoughts of temptation. I’m saying that it is defeatist and continually draws our attention onto ourselves instead of victory in Jesus Christ and thereby we remain in the mire of self pity & navel gazing instead of letting God be our focus. Yes, we are sinners! Yes, we have the blood of Jesus Christ covering them! God forbid we would want to continue in sin, but only by picking up our burden and following him will we stop looking down at ourselves.

Fine distinction, yes, it is the difference between FAITH  and WORKS. 


I saw this quote over at Defending Contending Pilgrim’s post for June 5, and it is so what I’ve been studying and thinking about that I wanted to quote it over here too.

The world does not object to your being a Christian for a time, if she can but tempt you to cease your pilgrimage and settle down to buy and sell with her in Vanity Fair. The flesh will seek to ensnare you, and to prevent your pressing on to glory.  

“It is weary work being a pilgrim; come, give it up. Am I always to be mortified? Am I never to be indulged? Give me at least a furlough from this constant warfare.”  

Satan will make many a fierce attack on your perseverance; it will be the mark for all his arrows. He will strive to hinder you in service: he will insinuate that you are doing no good; and that you want rest. He will endeavor to make you weary of suffering, he will whisper,  

“Curse God, and die.” 

Or he will attack your steadfastness:  

“What is the good of being so zealous? Be quiet like the rest; sleep as do others, and let your lamp go out as the other virgins do.”  

Or he will assail your doctrinal sentiments:  

“Why do you hold to these denominational creeds? Sensible men are getting more liberal; they are removing the old landmarks: fall in with the times.” 

Wear your shield, Christian, therefore, close upon your armor, and cry mightily unto God, that by his Spirit you may endure to the end.

– C. H. Spurgeon

1834 – 1892


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