Bible Study Glider on the Porch

This is the man I love, been with him 40 years next month! We were babies when we married, I was 17, he 22.
This is the view from the glider

Crab apples, redbuds, gladiolas, old fashioned once blooming roses, & the garden below.


3 thoughts on “Bible Study Glider on the Porch

  1. Ma, I spent a long time on that post & I do stand by it, but I'm sorry to say that I woke up in the night in a cold sweat with the thought that S.Q. uses that computer progam that sifts the Internet for whatever he wants to track. I didn't at 2am have the presence of mind to copy the post before I let the hebbie jebbies of my fears intimidate me into deleting the whole thing! I was creeped out when I realized that he isn't what he insists. Forgive me for my fainthearted coward's act. Thank you for your comments you have encouraged me greatly, maybe I won't wimp out like that again!

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