Real Painting in 3 Dimensions

Photoshop is lots of fun, but it can never surpass painting with physical art materials.  It is a dangerous temptation to waste art time, so I want to say right now at the beginning stage of this blog that while there are many computer artists, it’s not my choice or my vehicle for expressing creative ideas in a final way.  As good as it is it cannot make as many choices as I need to present my painting idea because a good part of it is just my reaction to what I see and  the thickness and drag and push of the paints on the resistant canvas, paper, metal, glass, or wood.  I don’t want the program to lead me away from that, for me Photoshop is too two dimensional.

 I think my style would suffer the same way as any handmade object would if it was given over to a mechanized assembly line, just think of the difference between a cobbler’s shoes and  factory ones, or a tailor’s suit and an off the rack one.  So I’m not going to work the things I paint on the computer, not going to mix the “medias”.  I am going to keep them separate.   I don’t want the confusion and interference.  It leads to alienation from the subject matter and that’s a grief I’ll forgo.


One thought on “Real Painting in 3 Dimensions

  1. Here,here! Very true. It's the same with sewing. I don't want my hand sewing to look like a machine did it. That's too," perfect",for my taste. Art is not about an alternate reality. Which is what I think Photo Shop can promote sometimes. The art is too unreal looking. Which gives it a two dimensional feel. Yet,so many people mistakenly think it's very cool,and three dimensional. True art is expressed by the human hand. Even with all it's imperfections,it causes the human being to marvel at what the artist has accomplished with their eyes and hands.

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