Photoshoped Grapes Visual Steps from Imperfect Photo

A. Large patterns from original photo. 
Identical cutout effects on differing value/hue/intensities produce much different composition patterns, showing how to guide the eye as you wish.  What is your message?  Contrast, comparisons, patterns, focal point is established.  I think B. is most pleasing to me, I usually go for the drama.  But in the original picture, maybe not, it’s according to what mood you’re after.  The lower contrast sometimes works better, you be the judge.  Everyone has preferences.
B. Smart Fix of original made darks darker, giving more depth, altered secondary forms, but same basic composition balance.

I’ll continue with the darker wider value range of B.

C. Base shapes
D. More detail
E. End
 Does this remind you of anyone’s work?  It surely looks familiar stylewise, hey, I think…..Nah!  You know! 
Anyhow it was a lot of fun messing with such a classic subject as grapes and vines.  I get a lot of mileage out of my food dollar.

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